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Yo, my n*****!

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Το δημοτικό συμβούλιο της Νέας Υόρκης αποφάσισε να απαγορέψει τη χρήση της λέξης "nigger" , και η γενιά του hip hop θα πρέπει ν’ αρχίσει να εκφράζεται με ένα παραπάνω *μπιπ*.

Η δική μου απορία, στο σχετικό post του Warren Ellis:

Will this be retroactive, in an " Equilibrium" sort of way; with, say, NWA LP’s being tracked down and burned? Will this also apply to Newyorkers overseas? Say, GI’s stationed in Iraq, calling the locals sandniggers?

Το Newspeak σε εφαρμογή…

Διευκρινίσεις για το θέμα από τους σχολιαστές στο blog του Ellis:

It is a symbolic message directed AT the black community BY members of that community. The vote was brought about by a group of African-Americans who are bothered by the adoption of the word and its casual use by their own community. It’s not a case of white liberals trying to impose political correctness on the world. So it IS a case of black people making an effort to make it go away.


The city council passes these “non-binding resolutions” all the time with little effect, although this one has at least got a lot more press attention. Of course, if the council actually wanted to do something for the Black community in New York, they’d force the MTA to fix the fucking 7 train.

Καλά σκεφτόμουν ότι κάτι μου θύμιζε αυτό το δημοτικό συμβούλιο…

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01-03-07 στις 10:55:02

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